D.C. Project, Washington D.C.

May 2012

As the American Mural Project honors people in all fields of work, it seems appropriate for Washington school students to create a piece that pays tribute to Americans who work in government jobs. This includes elected officials, teachers, postal workers, NASA technicians, military personnel, ie., any one with a .gov job. The first sentence of the Constitution, with the founding principles as a launching point, will be a template for the project. In a broader sense, this project should be an invitation for total creative thinking. The students should be encouraged to express themselves in a way most meaningful to them. It is important that everyone participating feel he or she has brought something personal to the project.

In the fall of 2011, Ellen began work with each of the eight schools participating in the project, one from each ward, giving a short presentation on the mural project to the students and faculty, follow up with discussion, collaboration, and exchange of ideas within the school community. Working with the art department faculty in each school, we designed the projects to best fit the students’ curriculum in an effort to combine what we are doing creatively for the American Mural Project with other areas of class study from social studies and history to English, math, and science.

In May, 2012 all schools came together to celebrate the finish of the DC Project with an exhibit of their work at the Martin Luther King Memorial Library.

Participating DC Schools: Barnard Elementary, Bell Lincoln Multicultural School, Cesar Chavez Parkside, Georgetown Day School, Hyde Addison Elementary, Maury Elementary, Paul PCS, Capitol Hill Cluster Schools